Making hidden vertical pins visible on pinterest share

Yes sounds easy does it? ‘Making hidden vertical pins visible on Pinterest share. All I can say it took me nearly 2 days to make sure that all of the hidden vertical pins that I have created is visible on Pinterest share. Hidden vertical pins. I have recently created a post on hiding vertical pins … Read more

Jerusalem artichoke – growing and harvesting

jerusalem artichoke flower

It’a end of November now, jerusalem artichoke in the garden are ready to harvest. Jerusalem artichoke (Hellanthus tuberosus) also called sunroot, topinambur, sunchoke or earth apple. They are related to the the sunflower family. When the flowers in bloom they look a bit like sunflowers but much smaller. I have bought these the tubers last … Read more

Crystallised flowers

cyrstallising edible flowers

This blog is on making crystallised edible flowers. Awhile back I wrote a post on Using edible flowers . Recently I have learn how to sugar (crystallise) edible flowers. It is an old Victorian art and it takes sometime to perfect it. This is because different types of flowers behave differently. Making sugared edible flowers is … Read more