Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

My quick to sew project

This is my quick to sew sewing project which I did in the late summer – a loose summer blouse. It’s very easy to make as there no zips, pockets, fitting to mess around. It took about altogether 2-3 hours to sew this blouse from scratch. The joys of having a sewing machine and overlocker.

Perhaps it’s a bit late now to wear it any longer. It might be ok to wear it under cardigans, jackets and woolly jumpers. I love wearing it after I make as it’s a casual style which I can wear it everyday. I am wearing this with a denim skirt from J.Crew I got from ebay. Here a write I wrote about pairing this top.

my everyday leisure wear
It was one of my latest home sewn item in my wardrobe.
For this pattern I didn’t have to do much fit as it’s quite loose fitting. I got the pattern from monthly burda style magazine 02/18. I love using it as it’s quite economical for quite a few patterns for not too much money. £5.49 for about 40 patterns bring it on. This a pattern from it’s April issue this year. 04/2018. If you ever missed an issue unique magazines do sell them online.‎ I am sure there are magazine companies that sell back issues as well.

This silk fabric I got from an ebay seller but she has stop selling after 6 months. She has listed some fabulous, gorgeous, top quality fabric every week to bid. Now I shall have to find other sources.

Most of my fabrics I got are source when I on holiday (I look out for fabric factories, markets or shops) or traveling to my home roots which is Kuala Lumpur. Here is my write up why I tend to use silk fabrics How I ended up dressmaking Having some time off work and daily routine just give me the extra time to shop.

Bold and bright patterns on fabrics do hide a number of sewing flaws. As eye is concentrate and drawn to the patterns on the fabric rather than  itself.

quick easy to sew blouse

quick easy to sew blouse

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