make-ahead party food

Make-ahead party food home recipes

Here is a blog post on make-ahead party food. My son recently had his 5th birthday party. I have been baking and cooking non-stop for 2-3 days prior to the party. While I could just serve my guest some shop-bought made and bakes. My conscious mind just wouldn’t allow me to serve convenience party food to them. This list of party food is great for any occasions. One just needs to tweak the recipes to one’s liking.

In order to make a home bake and make the party a success, not unless one has plenty of help and hands onboard its best to make ahead as much as possible. If anything that is freezable always make them ahead like even up to 1 week.

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Make-ahead party food the list

Here is a recipe that is great party food for even the youngest children which is sugar free blueberry muffin.

Other typical party foods

make-ahead party food
birthday lemon drizzle cake

Pot sticker dumpling is a very freezable savoury finger food.

Lemon drizzle cake is a lovely gorgeous cake that is great for all occasions. It is possible to make it the day before without having to keep in the fridge. Trust me suddenly the fridge just gets loaded up with all sorts come near party time.

Chocolate brownie as it’s made from chocolate always a hit at parties.

make-ahead party food

Macaroons are great as party finger food as well.

If you are up to something exotic and different my piche piche ube recipe or baked cassava cake. Both recipes are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. These can be made a day ahead for best flavour but needs to be kept in the fridge.

For the kids there always a huge choice of ice creams like strawberry ice cream or raspberry yoghurt ice. Just make them and put them into ice lolly moulds.

For the health-conscious, there is chia seed dessert which can be made at any time of the year. Just serve with the fruit of the season. It can be made a day or two ahead.

make-ahead party food
Courgette salad

In the summer there is courgette salad which can be served of bamboo skewers or toothpicks. These can be made overnight or the day itself. while it isn’t quite made ahead but it just makes it a refreshing healthy party food.

mulled wine spices in pot

In the winter or when the weather is cold outside for drinks there is mulled wine and mulled cider. It is very easy to make so just make it on the day itself. No chilling is necessary. Serve warm and it makes a great winter warmer.

make ahead party food

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