This is my personal blog, my name is Kar-Ling Wong. I am of Chinese origin and I grew up in Malaysia. Now I have been living in the UK for more than 25 years. Married to an Englishman and we have got a little boy. I am a London-based self-taught maker of clothes, pattern maker/ designer, dyer, home recipes, and grower of food at home. English is not my first language so I do apologise for any grammar mistakes. I speak fluent Cantonese plus a bit of Mandarin and read and write Malay. Now trying to learn Italian. Instagram hashtag is #makingthingsathome

I started this blog when my son started school, something to keep me going in between school runs. I also wanted to document some of my cooking and gardening tips plus creative things I found. I do have a job as a nurse working for the NHS (National Health Service).

Maker of clothes

Growing up with my mum cooking and baking from scratch almost every day. This has always inspired me and ingrained in me to cook at home. My mum also sews most of her own clothes. She also took me to buy the nicest fabrics in town.

I learn to sew when I was 8 years old mostly for my dolls. Most of the sewing I learn is from my mum and books. Nowadays there is Youtube. I love watching the series Great British Sew Bee and Great British Bake Off. After all, a slice of cake goes hand in hand while one is working away at the sewing machine.

about me

Creative work

I have also been doing lots of creative studies as I love fabrics. In 2006, I had an offer to study BA in Textile design however due to personal commitments I didn’t pursue the course. I did complete the foundation in Art and Design course at Central Saint Martins which helps me to draw and create ideas of my own.


I started growing my own food after owning a house that came with a small garden. Weather is much more conducive for gardening compared to the hot tropical climate of Malaysia. Now I grow in a 90-foot garden. I just love it as it tastes so much better than supermarket or shop-bought. Having owned a small old stone house in Italy makes me appreciate even further home growing and using fresh ingredients to cook and natural dye.


I write mainly about making things at home like dressmaking, fabric dyeing, and printing. Also about home cook recipes and homegrown edibles like flowers, fruit, and veg. As the blog grew I find myself writing things related to blogging, things surrounding my everyday life. My creative work is also taking over my blog so now I mainly focus on natural dyeing and printing. I am also quite active on Instagram.

I try to blog whenever I can find the time. I do welcome working with others (collaboration) only if it is relevant to this blog’s future. Thank you very much for reading and dropping by.