How to sew velvet fabric at home

how to sew velvet fabric

This is a blog post on how to sew velvet fabric. Velvet fabrics are lovely to feel and luxurious-looking fabrics. Which are normally use for special occasion garments or home items like cushions and curtains. Some use silk viscose fabric as devore where the velvet top of the fabric burns away with chemicals. Here is … Read more

How to sew hip yoke pockets at home

sew hip yoke pockets

This blog post is about how to sew hip yoke pockets. This pocket is also known as curved insert pockets. It also forms the commonly seen jeans pockets. The only difference is how it styled and the design of the pocket it varies slightly from one to another. It is also seen in a lot … Read more

How to sew pants opening with concealed pockets

This is a blog post on how to sew pants opening with concealed pockets. I have recently sewn pants from a pattern from Fibre mood. for anyone that doesn’t much about fibre mood magazine here a review, I did on it about a year ago. It is great modern, trendy sewing magazine. the down side … Read more