Growing and harvesting Pincushion flowers (Scabiosa)

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting Pincushion flowers (Scabiosa). This year for the first time I have been growing them successfully. As they are easy to grow I am happy with the harvest I got this year. I grow them this year as after seeing some great eco prints on the purple Black knight flowers I am fascinated and want to grow them at home. The flowers are not only good for dyeing but the bees love them as well. Something to consider when growing natural dye flowers, one is not only growing for dye but it’s for the bees so as to attract pollinators as well.

growing and harvesting pincushion flowers

Like most flowers for natural printing, it tends to be home-grown rather than at a garden centre or florist. The dye obtained from these flowers isn’t as colorfast (last a long time) as some other flowers like marigolds. This is due to a chemical compound called Anthocyanin found in Black jet hollyhocks and Hopi sunflowers. Here is more information on anthrocyanin. But in concentrations, with the right mordant and right care, it can last longer.

Growing and harvesting Pin cushion flowers.

All colours of pincushion flowers are mostly do grow in the same manner. Pincushion flowers are annuals meaning one will need to grow them again year after year as they don’t really withstand cold frosty weather. Pincushions are commonly grown from seeds and these can be bought online. I got mine from EBay but they are many places online where one can buy it from. Sow the seeds undercover so that they have a longer growing season. Plant them out when the risk of frost is over then it is good to go. They do need a bit of space to grow as well.

Once established they are relatively self-caring. Harvest the flowers as much and as frequently as possible so to encourage the plant to produce more flowers.

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growing and harvesting pincushion flowers

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