Growing and Harvesting goldenrod

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting with goldenrod. Goldenrod is a dye plant that produces different variations of yellow color. It is also known by its scientific name Solidago species. The different variations of yellow come with using different types of metal compounds called mordant. For more details about the use of … Read more

Growing and harvesting winter squash

growing and harvesting winter squashes

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting winter squash. Winter squash can be a few different varieties. Winter squashes are all from the cucurbit family and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The taste does vary as well some are easier to grow than some. I have grown this last … Read more

Harvesting oca tubers

harvest picture

It’s December which means it’s harvesting time for oca tubers. Oca tubers are also known as New Zealand yam and oca tuberosa. At the moment it is still not available to buy in supermarkets in the UK. However, the tubers are sold on eBay for planting between September and December. It is priced according to … Read more

Jerusalem artichoke – growing and harvesting

jerusalem artichoke flower

It’a end of November now, jerusalem artichoke in the garden are ready to harvest. Jerusalem artichoke (Hellanthus tuberosus) also called sunroot, topinambur, sunchoke or earth apple. They are related to the the sunflower family. When the flowers in bloom they look a bit like sunflowers but much smaller. I have bought these the tubers last … Read more