Growing and Harvesting Madder root

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting madder root. Madder is an old ancient natural dye. it is also known with its Latin name as Rubia tinctorum. The color mainly comes from its root. I have recently looked into natural dyeing in more detail like using it as a fugitive dye. Fugitive simply … Read more

Growing and Harvesting Chop suey Greens

This blog post is on growing and harvesting chop suey greens. Also known as Chopsuey Greens Shungiku or Chrysanthemum coronarium or Garland chrysanthemum. A family of chrysanthemum the flowers of these greens do resemble them. Chop suey greens are easy to grow leafy greens that cook like spinach in stir-fries or soups. In comparison to … Read more