If I have another greenhouse

Recently we had strong winds here in London, as a result my greenhouse has not quite look like a greenhouse?!! With the panels off it just looks like a shelf!! So this post is on if I have another greenhouse …., I am originally from Malaysia I been living in the UK for the past 20 years. I grew a fair bitof tropical plants as a result. one of them is lemongrass.

As funny as it look, at the end of the day I really do want useful greenhouse. Especially in the winter season coming next few months.

Before having a greenhouse what to do IThe wonky greenhouse in my garden at the moment

Preparation of the ground

Prepare the ground properly- a very important step. The main reason why the  panels are falling apart as the ground is very uneven where the green house is sitting on.

Tighten the bolts properly- do tighten the bolts on your greenhouse every now and then as they get loosen with time. Windy days/ conditions do shake and loosen the bolts. The frame of the greenhouse will fall apart easily from it’s hinges. As it’s loosen the panels will come off easily. Putting silicon glue and clips will help to prevent the panels from coming apart but only to a certain extend.

If I had a choice and money doesn’t matter I would choose a more sturdy make of greenhouse yes if one can afford it. it is just going to cost me around an extra £500?!! for a better made. A wise idea as a lot of precious time is wasted on trying to put the panels and door up again all the time as they keep on falling.

Maybe to have a free standing one instead of a lean to wall type. As one has to fill the gap up between the greenhouse and lean on wall. This is to seal up the gaps as it creates some insulation.

Below is my dream greenhouse

Power supply – I have no intention of heating up my greenhouse using electric. I wanted to use solar powered heat sink instead. If it’s on a grass I am able to install a heat sink under the ground. However it’s on a cemented ground. Last winter I put covers over the cold frame in the greenhouse which I heated up with paraffin burners in a frosty nights.

This winter at the moment I have not put much of heating in the grass as there wasn’t too many frosty days. I have also gain more confidence in my gardening skills and not protect my plants too much. Hopefully I am doing the right thing. I just time will tell if they survive in drafty greenhouse outside.

having a greenhouse at home

owning a grrenhousehaving a greenhouse

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