How to prevent tomato blight

This is a blog post on how to prevent tomato blight. Tomato blight is when the tomato starts to go brown before it ripens. It is devastating for the gardener as all the time wasted trying to grow the tomatoes and try to get them to ripen.

It is can happen quite easily. I started growing tomatoes in my garden about 5 years back. In the first two years, I had a nice bumper crop with no issues. Then the subsequent years were quite a lot of green-blighted tomatoes.

Tomato blight on the vine

Also after that, the whole tomato plant is destroyed not healthy anymore just brown and dead. I just could only rescue a few ripened tomatoes before the blight hit them. I tried many ways to rescue them but was just unable. It feels like mold has just invaded the plant.

How to prevent tomato blight

It is a preventable disease. I found that one should grow tomatoes on the spot year after year. Something which I did last 2-3 years. This year I decided to plant them in a different spot and guess what so far no tomato blight. This time I have bumper crops of cherry tomatoes so far so good.

Another trick is to prevent moisture from retaining on the plant perhaps it is something I should have undertaken in the early stages of the disease. But once it starts it is very hard to prevent it from spreading. Ventilation is another key to preventing tomato blight. I don’t grow tomatoes in a greenhouse so do ventilate them if they are grown in one. It is quite woody where I live so I guess there is plenty of places for moisture to get trapped easily. This year the summer is rather quite hot so not much chance of moisture hanging in the air.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other blog posts on growing tomatoes.

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