homemade blueberry pancake

Blueberry pancake

At moment I have making blueberry pancake nearly every other day ?!! This is because my 4 year old loves eating them so much. It is one of breakfast that I could get this not a morning person out of bed easily. I use agrave nectar as a syrup in this blueberry pancake recipe but feel free to use maple syrup, honey or golden syrup. For more blueberry recipes I have got another recipe Blueberry and banana muffin sugar free

blueberry pancake
blueberry pancake

Blueberry pancake recipe

Makes about 12 pancakes

120 grms of plain flour

2 teaspoon of baking powder

1 medium size egg

160 mls of milk (semi skimmed or full fat)

60 grms of small size blueberries (fresh or frozen). If using bigger size blueberries cut them into half otherwise the pancake doesn’t cook all round easily.

1 teaspoon of cooking oil for frying

Agrave syrup for serving with pancakes amount depends on how much one likes. (use less than one teaspoon for 4 pancakes)

non stick frying pan (i tend to use a non stick frying pan as it just help to lift the pancake from the pan easier, making it much easier to turn the pancake)

Method for making blueberry pancake recipe

In a mixing bowl put in the plain flour, baking powder, milk and egg. Mix well together by using a fork. When it’s well mixed add the blueberries. Let it to set for while the frying pan gets heated up.

Heat the frying pan on medium heat (I use a non stick pan), put in the oil. Coat the frying pan with the cooking oil. If using a non stick pan one doesn’t need to add anymore oil after this. Turn the heat down to low medium.

Using a tablespoon, spoon a spoonful of the batter into frying pan. Start at the corner or side of the frying pan. Let some gap in between the pancakes otherwise they will stick together. When trying to turn them it will end up a messy process. If that happens don’t worry too much it is all still edible at the end of the day.

The pancakes will start bubbling as there is baking powder in them and will start to cook as well. The sides of pancake will start turning brown It is time to turn the pancakes. Using flat wooden spoon turn them over. Adjust the stove heat as you go along.

After about 3-5 minutes or when the pancakes starts to turn brown it is ready. Take them out of the pan. Serve with agrave syrup. Feel free to add different types of fruit like strawberries, raspberries, banana or blackberries.

Although predominantly blueberry pancakes are eaten during breakfast, one can also have it as a tea time snack, if there is ice cream laced in it it also can be a dessert recipe.

making blueberry pancake

blueberry pancake recipe
blueberry pancake recipe

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