Growing and harvesting Courgette Tromboncino

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting courgette tromboncino. Last year I have grown it in my garden. I must say it is a great courgette variety to grow. Courgette Tromboncino simply in Italian means Trumpets. It is also known as Courgette Albenga. As this variety of courgette resembles the trumpet. At the … Read more

Courgette carpaccio homemade recipe

Here is a recipe on to make homemade courgette carpaccio. This recipe is best made with courgette Albenga or trompette (trumpet) that has got a nice light crunchy texture compared to ordinary courgette. It is commmonly found in the mediterranean along the  French and Italian Riviera. Not seen in the shops or supermarkets here in … Read more