Growing and harvesting Courgette Tromboncino

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting courgette tromboncino. Last year I have grown it in my garden. I must say it is a great courgette variety to grow. Courgette Tromboncino simply in Italian means Trumpets. It is also known as Courgette Albenga. As this variety of courgette resembles the trumpet. At the time of writing of this blog post which is now mid-October, autumnal weather here in London the tromboncino is still surviving in the garden. It is great news as the normal varieties of Courgettes normally don’t survive or produce in these weather conditions.

Growing and harvesting courgette tromboncino

Courgette tromboncino with other squashes

To start growing courgette tromboncino you will need some seeds. I got mine from premier seeds. Sow then under glass or indoors in March so as to give them an early start. Plant out when the risk of frost is over in a sunny spot. Initially, it will not produce much but come June it will start growing rapidly and produce flowers than fruits. In a nutshell, to grow this courgette it is the same as growing any courgette. Here is an old blog post of mine on how to grow courgette.

Growing and harvesting courgette tromboncino
Young courgette tromboncino on wine

However, what the difference between this and the normal courgette is that it needs lots of room to grow and climb. Also although many gardeners think it is a summer squash it is also a winter squash. To let be a winter squash is no leave the courgette on the plant as long as possible Leaving the courgette on the plant also means the plant might not produce any more courgette as all the energy is the channel to harden this fruit. Something to bear in mind.

Growing and harvesting courgette tromboncino
Courgette tromboncino plants growing among squash plants

It is relatively disease free however, it can be prone to mildew in the latter season. Squirrels also love to try to munch on the fruit if it is left on the ground. Protect the plant from them.

young courgette tromboncino

There are many recipes for this courgette tromboncino on the internet. I like is cook as an omelette. For courgette haters like young children I hide in dumpling filling.

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