Using Pic monkey a review

This blog is about a review of using PicMonkey. Recently I have signed up for a one-week free trial using PicMonkey. I have also been using other apps or no apps to make pins or images for Pinterest. For more information what is Pinterest click here.

While some apps like Canva are free. As it’s free after a while/ having a good look around in platforms like Pinterest my pins are starting to look nearly the same as others?!! yup, the same as others?!! Crazy isn’t it? Well not really as every blogger is using Canva by now. As Pic Monkey is not free the chances of your pins looking the same as the rest of the crowd is much less. In these apps template design is free, it is also limiting not unless you upgrade. Which means signing up and paying.

Along the way of my blogging journey, I have signed up or rather been googling for ways to gain more traffic. I found PicMonkey alongside with many other photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, Canva and many more.

PicMonkey, on the other hand, it’s like using Adobe Photoshop with lots of photo manipulation on board. One can also use to manipulate photos. Yes, it does take time to learn to create beautiful and eye-catching pins. But once it’s done the end result really stands out among the rest. As it is not custom-made template where there are few options to change the layout. There are also plenty of templates on the basic tariff. It’s a wonderful photo app to have.

It is not only for creating pins in fact you can use it to just about to create anything. It is also a photo manipulation software as well. As a blogger I use it for social media as I want my images to stand out from rest of the crowd. 

PicMonkey is easy to sign up. You will need you payment details in order to download the image you have created.

Pinterest algorithm it’s very much an image-based search engine. Many bloggers like me using Pinterest to drive more traffic and yes you will get the traffic. But in order to do that you will need to make outstanding images with text. This is important for pins to stand out among the crowd in the a Smartfeed.

PicMonkey does that well for you. It’s has got lots of effects that one can add to make the image stand out. It cost about £6.99/month. It might be a bit steep for some. As ultimately the cost of running a blog will eventually add up in a long run.

Blogging photo

There are free apps that are currently available to use. However, it’s option for one to manipulate images, texts and layout are limiting. I have notice that a lot of my pins do end up looking the same as others. So if you want your pins or any images to stand out from rest of the crowd do consider using PicMonkey.


There is also a video on how to use PicMonkey available on their website. There is a one week trial however one can download and use the images without giving your payment details away first.

If you already using other types of great photo editing tools and have great result do stick to it. However if you are just a newbie like me have a look at what options there is.

Using Pic Monkey a review

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