Crystallised flowers

cyrstallising edible flowers

This blog is on making crystallised edible flowers. Awhile back I wrote a post on Using edible flowers . Recently I have learn how to sugar (crystallise) edible flowers. It is an old Victorian art and it takes sometime to perfect it. This is because different types of flowers behave differently. Making sugared edible flowers is … Read more

Tagetes minuta dyeing

Who would have thought that this weed Tagetes minuta easily grown in the UK makes a good dye. It has grown so high and so much that I don’t know what do with it initially. It has got a strong mint smell as one walks past. I have to yet to decide on what recipes … Read more

Using amaranth as a fabric dye

dye pot 1

It’s now mid-October, I have a bit of amaranth grown in my garden. A good harvest as they say. I grew the amaranth in the allotment in Italy. And they grew like weeds. Nothing like I have seen before. I have decided to make some fabric dye out of them. I have found out that … Read more

Fabric dyeing using dahlia and alum mordant

Recently I have been experimenting fabric dyeing using dahlia and alum mordant. At the moment dahlia flowers in my garden are in bloom. Weather has been cold recently so it is marking the end of dahlia growing season soon. This blog is a follow on blog after i have recently dyed some fabric by just … Read more