Sewing pyjama bottom using an existing pyjama.

This a blog post on sewing pyjama bottom using an existing pyjama. I sew my 5-year-old son’s pyjama bottoms using an existing pattern. It is really easy. This pattern works with loose-fitting elasticated bottoms. It would not work for tight-fitting jeans or trousers. This is because they require more precision pattern blocks. Sewing them also … Read more

Mary Quant Mini dress pattern free to download

Mary quant mini dress pattern

Here is an ongoing Mary Quant free Mini dress pattern currently still available to download. There are two dress patterns that are available to download. It was created as part of her recent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It had ended in February but the free patterns are still available. I have managed … Read more

Italian sewing magazines a review

Here is my first hand experience of buying Italian sewing magazines while I was there in August. I love buying sewing magazines rather than patterns as you can get so many patterns in one magazine. Well that was at least with Burda magazine the UK edition. I have bought previously sewing magazines here in the … Read more