Block printing on fabric

I have recently been printing on fabric again. This time I am doing block printing on fabric. I have previously used to print using mono-printing on a silk screen. This is where a squeegee is used to pull the paint across. However by doing that it makes a messy and tedious process.

block printing on fabric

Block printing on fabric

There are various types of blocks that can be used to do block printing on fabric. Basically also anything that makes an imprint on fabric. I have got a previous post making the fabric paste for printing on fabric. this post is all about using different blocks for printing on fabric.

I have the pleasure of visiting the Knitting and stitching show recently at Alexandra Palace, London. There they had a company called theartcrafty that just do block printing on fabric!! what a coincidence. If you are a blogger they do have a strong presence on Instagram so worth having a check and their website too, Of course, as usual, I got some supplies from them and also Indian blocks from other stalls while at the show. This show is massive a good place to go even to just have a look.

The art crafty suppliers do sell their own mix of ink just for block printing. This ink is heat set using a domestic iron at home. A good tip I had learned from them is to use a firm sponge base so that ink soaks evenly on the fabric. So I will try it out when I have time. They run courses not just block printing but indigo dyeing as well. But of course, you can make your own using natural dyes or procion dyes for block printing on fabric. Here is more information on fabric printing paste.

Using different types of blocks for printing

Remember when you are young you use to use potato and other types of rooted vegetable to print? Well, that can still work on fabric as well. So blocks are just not related to Indian blocks other types of mediums can be used as well. So do go ahead and experiment.

block printing on fabric

The above images are the ones I have experimented with on cotton and the other on silk fabric using onion skin as a dye. The dye is then thickened with Manutex F so it is thick enough to print on the fabric.

Block printing on silk
Block printing on fabric
bloack printing on fabric


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