fabric dyeing with dyers chamomile

Fabric dyeing with dyers chamomile

This is a blog post on fabric dyeing with dyers chamomile. Dyers Chamomile is different from chamomile tea. It is not edible (not much is known about it) and the variety is known as Anthemis tinctoria. It is different from chamomile tea as we know. It tends to yield more yellow dye compared to chamomile tea. Also when one uses chamomile tea there no guarantee there are no other additives been added. As this may affect the end result of the dye or no dye at all.

To get going with chamomile is to get hold of some dyers chamomile. Dried or fresh. I have recently used fresh flowers and they yield much stronger colors than the dried ones. They are quite easy to grow as well. I bought dried dyers chamomile online from an art and craft supplier called George Weil. They provide an excellent service although some of their items are pricier than others.

The leaves also do yield colors but in green instead. I have yet to experiment with them so I don’t much about the results.

Fabric dyeing with Dyers chamomile

In this experiment, I have used various types of fibers. They are like Tencel, linen, cotton, silk & wool. I didn’t use any mordants this time as I knew what the results would be. It is quite predictable. Here my guide on the use of mordants on fabrics. Alum tends to yield brighter colors. Iron mordants tend to dull and darken the colors.

I did push further than just dyeing fabric. After dyeing, I also use it to do natural printing. As I wanted to push boundaries and create patterns. This can shibori or printing. Eco printing is a big topic by itself. I know some natural dyers are also printers who run courses on this topic. Therefore in my opinion is important to know the basics of how the fiber would react to the dye.

Fabrics and fibers dyed with dried chamomile

I just add some dried dyers chamomile to some water. Boil it or microwave it so as to let the color seep. Leave it cool and the dye mixture is ready to use.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other dye post like fabric dyeing with logwood and fabric printing madder.

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