Fabric dyeing with turmeric

This blog post is about fabric dyeing with turmeric. Turmeric has got great potential to produce an incredibly strong yellow colour. Not just only good for you, eating wise. However, before I carry on I would say that this strong colour does not last forever. It is the same as other dyes like blackberry they don’t last forever. In technical term, it means a fugitive dye. Once exposed to the sun the colours don’t last and needs to be dyed again.

To obtain turmeric is fairly easy as it’s easily available as powder form in supermarkets or Asian grocers. However, do proceed with care. Due to reports of them being tainted with nasty products. Here is the link. Best solution is to buy fresh turmeric or even better grow your own.

Fabric dyeing with turmeric

As usual like all fabric dyeing process do scour/pre wash the fabrics with Synthrapol or Orvus paste. It depends on if it’s a plant or animal fibres. For plant fibres like cotton or linen use Synthrapol. For animal fibres use Orvus paste. By scouring it helps to remove any dirt or oils that left from the manufacturing process. If the fabric/s is prep for print it is not necessary to scour them.

fabric dyeing with turmeric
fabrics and fibres dyes with turmeric -cotton, silk and wool

Turmeric doesn’t need mordants to produce its natural vibrant yellow colour. Just either mix the powder with water. If using fresh turmeric blend/ crushed them finely add a bit of water. Then start dyeing. I find that the colour just stick to the fibres easily. Do wear gloves to protect your hands from being dyed as well.

The strong yellow colour depends on how strong the dye colour and often it has been dyed again. How deep and yellow colour like natural dyeing process depends on the type of turmeric is used. Different soil and geographic region produces some variation in colours.

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fabric dyeing with turmeric

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