Putting metallic prints on fabric

Here is a blog post of putting metallic prints on paper. another term or name for it can be foil heat transferring technique. As basically you are transferring foil effects from a special heat transferable material to the fabric. Foil printing is not a new printing technique. It is widely use in t-shirt printing for instance. However, it is not eco or environmental friendly as I would like it to be. The effects of foil printing is just amazing. It just transforms the look of the fabric. .

making metallic prints on fabric

I got to know about this reading Kate Wells comprehensive book on fabric dyeing and printing. After that the pritnting idea was put away because I couldn’t find the materials to buy. Perhaps I didn’t know what the basic materials to look for. After a visit to the knitting & Stitching show last year. There was an artist’s at work sessions. There is was an artist demonstrating foil printing/ transferring and painting techniques. As a result I now how to make this craft and also I bought a small ready to print foil kit. It came with a set of instructions and lots of samples. I have also seen other companies selling foil transfers while at the exhibition as it’s a popular fabric design/ printing on t-shorts. Think of those glitzing shiny things you see on fabrics they are most likely done by foil transfer.

Putting metallic prints  on fabric

They are different ways of printing metallic on fabric. This is either by paint, or a material that glue on using bondaweb or a sheer fabric/ material that has metallic shine that has got glue or bondaweb material on it. This is iron on by layers and setting each layer as you go along. Some techniques just employ one method rather than a combination it is entirely up one to decide.

For paints there is Jacquard Lumiere whcih gives a nice strong metallic colour and is set by heat using an iron.

Metallic fabric print use shinny or metallic sheer organza with bondaweb.

For thin foil transfer use transfoils with bondaweb and for strong metallic use glitter film which no bandaweb is needed to use. To buy transfoils here is a link.

Bondaweb is a double adhesive film which allows two layers of fabric to be stuck together using heat.

For more strong opaque metallic print opt for glitter film. Which doesn’t use bondaweb and there is a peel off clear plastic flim.

There are many options for heat foil transfer undertaken in the t-shirt printing industry with the use of heat press. Have a look at this website’s video.

For other printing techniques like using screen as monoprinting here is the link.

foil transfer

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