How to make sleeve cuffs

Here is a blog post on how to make sleeve cuffs. Sleeve cuffs are seem in long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, blouses and dresses. It adds some interesting body to the design of the garment. Some sleeve cuffs are added to the puffed or gathered sleeves. I have recently made a pattern to make this cuffs from on of many burda magazine pattern stash.

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Sleeve cuffs also allow cuff links to sit on it. Some sleeve cuffs on shirts aren’t pleated and gathered to make the shirt look fitted. However, the basic principle of making sleeve cuffs still stay the same. The measurements of the cuff can vary if a button is going to be put on it is just for decorative and design purposes. Sleeves cuffs help to hold the end of the sleeves together. In an example of a men’s suiting, it holds the sleeves together at the end so that a bit of sleeves cuff show at the end of the sleeve jacket.

Some sleeves cuff are bold and big and they can have a tie bow design as well. So there are plenty of variety of sleeve cuff designs.

How to make a sleeve cuffs

To make sleeve cuff is quite easy. Cut and draft out the pattern as on the magazine or book. Following the pattern design instructions or if you like alter it to the design or look you want the end result to be. In the instance below is a pattern of a pleated raglan sleeve blouse in which I have cut on the bias.

Prepare the sleeve if there are gathers do it at this stage. Some sleeve cuffs have got a vent is like making a skirt vent. Here is one of my old blog post on making a skirt vent. At this stage before or after the sleeve is set make this vent. sleeve vents help to ease wearing the sleeve. It also allows the wearer to roll up the sleeves. To make vent there is always a bias strip to bound the opening. Cut the opening, lay it straight and bound it with bias strip. 

sleeve vent binding

On pin in place, press then sew as close to the edge as you can. 

sleeve vent without cuff

Then sew the cuffs in place. It will look the one below. I have embroidered some design on the cuff. The blouse looks a bit faded as I have washed this silk wool blouse in a washing machine instead.

Good luck and thank you for stopping by.

sleeve cuff with vent

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