wearing a tweed skirt

How to wear tweed skirt

I have recently made myself a tweed skirt. Now I would to share on how to wear tweed. Tweed is basically a wool. It is very English type of fabric. It hails from Scotland and the north of England. In Scotland there are so many factory making tweed. As due to the cold weather in many centuries people wear tweed to keep themselves warm.

How did tweed come from and how it’s made

Them days there was no such thing as central heating. Brrr!! Wearing thick layers was the way to keep warm. Nowadays, with the invention of central heating tweed fabric has become much more thinner and lighter weight.

This is so especially for making skirts and Jackets. Perhaps not outerwear. Many top fashion designers and the royalty get the tweed made specially design for them. The colours, print. It is very fascinating to watch. I have always love working with colours.

I was watching the programme on how they made tweed in Scotland a few years back what an amazing show!! It show how many of wool thread in different colours to make a tweed fabric. Also on how it is woven to get the unique colour that is of tweed fabric. Of course the more complex the colours the pricey/ expensive it will be. Also keep in mind the quality of wool as well. Some make you itch like mad and some don’t at all.

Tweed skirt

Different looks can be achieve

In this post I have shown what different looks can be achieve on the tweed skirt I have recently made. Tweed skirt can be worn like just like any ordinary skirt either with jumper that matches it’s colour. It can then be worn under a matching coat or just black coat. I like timeless classic black coat as I can wear it all the time without worrying if it is on trend or not. I am certainly no catwalk model but rather an ordinary person with a job and family.

wearing a tweed skirt

Here is the post on how to sew tweed fabric. It is relatively quite easy. However, it needs to handle like all thick fabrics. click on the link for more information.

how to wear tweed skirt

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