Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Automatic garden watering system

claber practicoThis is one my early blog post which I wrote in the summer. It was a very hot summer. We have been away from my garden for 6 weeks and I have been using automatic garden watering system. It was a bit of a heaven send I must say. As it was mid may and I have only just started putting young plants onto the raised bed. I had alpine strawberries which I grew in my front room from seed.

It seems quite awhile ago looking back at things. I just realise how bad the pictures are. They were just taken from my iphone and I just plonk it onto the blog post without any photo editing.. Anyway back to the subject..

Automatic Watering System

So far I have used 3 different types of automatic watering system.

Ebay purchase
First one below I got from ebay with the irrigation system that came with it all that for less than £20. sounds good but the battery life (it use 2 AAA size batteries) was rather shocking as it lasted around 2 weeks then it stopped working completely!! The system goes on shut down when the battery life is low. Otherwise value for money as it came with a complete micro irrigation tubing.

Hozelock AC1

I got this Hozelock AC1 after looking at review of Hozelock automatic watering system. I have not use the newer version apparently the battery life is not very good. It’s down to the size of batteries. Whereas the older version uses C size batteries in which many users found that the battery life last longer. I remember looking at mad at Amazon reviews and search on google as I was in desperate situation as we were going away soon and I have have no reliable watering system to use?!! For a avid gardener this is a disaster. I can’t bring all of my plants on holiday with me surely not?!!

This Hozelock AC1 battery life was pretty good. Lasted more than 6 weeks. So a good to use product. I use a new super power energizer battery in it.

img_1304 The no name brand I got from ebay[/caption]

Watering system accessories that came with it.
Hozelock AC1 simple water timer

All these water irrigation timers need to be connected to the mains water tap as it needs the water pressure high enough to push the water thru the pipes. There is not much water timers around that runs directly from the water butt. It would be wonderful if you are going away and not having to worry leaving a water tap running unattended. I told my neighbour about the automatic irrigation is on so that they can turn off the tap if there is any excessive  flooding in the garden.

I have also a claber practico watering system on board for just in case but never ended up using it. However it is dead easy to use.

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