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Dwarf purple bean – how to grow

I love spring and summer as it is a great growing time for homegrown edibles. Dwarf purple bean are one those beans that are great to grow in small garden and container growing. They don’t take too long to grow as from seed to bean production.

Relatively disease free they much easier to grow than broad beans.

dwarf purple bean flower

Growing dwarf purple beans

To sow dwarf purple bean seeds are very easy. Put them in some sowing compost then in a propagator or radiator come March. If the soil has warm up it is possible to sow them directly on the ground. For a constant supply of beans sow the seeds every 6 weeks.

Once the risk of frost has passed plant them outdoors. It is possible to grow them indoors as well. Plant them in a well drain manure compost. Do plant them in a sunny spot as they are sun lovers. Once they start flowering feed them with some diluted tomato or comfrey feed.

The pictures above show them in flower after sowing from seeds a few weeks back. Just in time for harvest before the autumn weather sets in. They are much smaller plants compare to the usual beans and the beans are purple in colour like the flowers. So great to plant in small gardens.

They do turn green colour when cook though. Harvest them young they can be eaten raw in salads.

Bean plants are great to plant as they add more nitrogen to the soil therefore helping to give nutrient the other plants as well. I am growing them alongside with the courgette and chilli pepper plants. They compliment each other in the veggie plot.

Once the bean plant is older they do need some support to keep them upright. Otherwise the slugs and other predators will start feasting on them.

For other tips on growing beans here is another post on growing runner beans. Thank you for stopping by.

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