Growing and harvesting Canna Lily

This is a blog post on growing and harvesting Canna Lily. Canna lily is a tropical plant that is easily grown in a cold climate like the UK. Canna lily is a lovely decorative flower plant that reminds me of my homeland of Malaysia. The tuber is also edible but it is tasteless. It doesn’t need to be harvested but the tubers can be harvested for storage. Canna lily does require some space to grow although it can be grown in big pots. Being decorative and tropical-looking like a plant with its big leaves it can be a highlight feature of a garden.

Canna lily flowers

Growing and harvesting Canna lily

To get growing with Canna lily is to start them off from tubers. They can be bought from garden centers and shops come March and April when the growing season starts.

Canna lily flower and leaves on the plant

There are many different varieties of Canna lily to choose from. They can have marron leaves with bright red flowers. The ones I got are orange and yellow flowers. The slug love to eat the young leaves so does take care of the young shoots. Grow them in a sunny spot with some well-drained manure compost and it’s good to go

growing and harvesting canna lily
Orange canna lily flowers

Canna lily flowers and plants will die back come autumn time when the cold season starts. The tubers don’t need harvesting not unless want to harvest them for storage and eating. As they have got an established root system. The plant can come back easily the following year.

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