homegrown bean sprouts

Growing bean sprouts at home

This is a blog post about growing bean sprouts at home. I love growing them as one doesn’t need a garden at all. Yes.. that’s right no need for garden at all. All you need is a container, sieve and a sink. There are many other types of sprouts (eg alfafa, soy bean, and many more) that can be sprouted like this way as well. On this blog I am focusing mainly on growing bean sprouts as I love to use them in making and cooking stir fry. One can also use them raw in salads as well.

Commercially grown bean sprouts

To grow bean sprouts you will need mung bean. Nowadays you can buy them in organic shops, supermarkets and Asian grocers here in the UK. There is nutritious as well low in fat, high in fibre and rich in protein. Nothing beats home grown trust me. If you have a bit of time and patience in your hands do give it a go. The end product taste so much fresher and better compare to the shop/ supermarket bought ones.

Risk of eating beansprouts

I use to buy them from shops and supermarkets, with time permitting I tend to grow my own nowadays. As I find that shops bean sprouts don’t last very long as well. After a few days it goes bad (mushy, yellow and bad smell). It also has a relatively short expiry date as well. In comparison to home grown ones I find that the shop bought ones are can have less taste as well. Perhaps it’s due to the growing conditions.

homegrown bean sprouts

Besides not being as fresh as home grown ones there is a higher risk of bacteria called e-coli found in commercially grown sprouts. This is evident in many articles available on the web. While home growing may or may not reduce the risk as well as shop bought one said in some articles. Here is one from FDA. So do wash them throughly. Best way to eat is to cook them. However, they taste so good raw!! Do take care especially in giving to very young children. My 4 year old has never like from sprouts only till recently.

There are also many different varieties of sprout available in the market. So don’t be surprise if your home grown ones don’t look like the ones you find in the shops. Growing conditions will also affect how the sprouts eventually grow and the end results. There are many ways and means on how to grow sprouts as well.

bean sprout in jar

Here is what I normally do at home it’s a quick simple way to …….

Growing bean sprouts at home.

All it takes just 5 days. (3-6 days depending on the weather) I have been growing them in the kitchen cupboard and it’s winter here at the moment.

one handful of mung beans

Glass jar (any size will depending on how much you want to grow. I use a 2 liter mason glass jar so to give it room grow. I also like to use glass jar as it’s clear and easy to keep clean)

1 metal sieve (I use an ordinary flour sifted) if not use a plastic one

I have started growing it 5 days ago.

First soak the mung bean in the glass jar overnight. It may not seem a lot. The mung bean will need to grow in the next few days. Trust me, one my few early experiments I thought it was not enough till I had to find another/ more jars so that I can give it room to grow.

Soaked mung bean overnight

After 12- 24 hours once the mung beans has expanded in size. Change the water. Do this at least twice a day. As it’s quite winter here I have done it once a day. However if it is summer time and do it at least twice a day. This is because the mung beans tend to grow much quicker in warmer conditions.

washing bean sprouts
mung beans growing in next 2 days of growth

Always place in a cupboard as once it’s expose to sunlight it will become bitter. Once it’s grown to a desired length it is ready to eat. Keep in the fridge otherwise it will go bad. Enjoy.

Bean sprouts go very well with my chicken noodle soup recipe link here.

growing bean sprouts
growing bean sprouts

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