Chicken liver curry

The is a blog post on cooking chicken liver curry. Chicken liver is cheaply available from supermarkets this recipe has got strong spicy flavors that will counteract the taste of chicken liver. This recipe is available in different versions as one uses some the different types of ingredients. The curry has origins from Malaysia also from India.

Cut the grizzly parts of the chicken liver if there is any. By marinating the chicken liver in turmeric it helps to add more flavours to the liver. By double cooking the chicken liver helps to prevent the liver from splitting during cooking.

chicken liver curry
Chicken liver curry

The curry is best serve hot on a bed of cooked boiled rice. It also makes a great accompaniment as a side dish.

Recipe chicken liver curry

Chciken liver curry
Chicken liver curry serve with rice

400 grams Chicken liver

1 tsp Turmeric powder

2-3 tbsp Cooking oil (Rapeseed or Sunflower oil)

Onions or shallots

Fresh red chilli

1 tsp shrimp paste or belacan

30 grams dried shrimp

200 fresh tomatoes, chopped in quarters or blended.

1 tbsp fresh coriander chopped


Clean and cut away the grizzly bits of the chicken liver. Wash and dry as much as possible the chicken liver on a kitchen towel. Then marinate the chicken liver in turmeric powder for about 30 minutes. Once marinated pan fry the liver in frying pan or pot with some cooking oil. Fry over medium heat till it is partially cook. This is to seal the juices in and prevent the liver from splitting.

Chicken liver curry cooking

Prepare the spicy paste. Measure out the ingredients. Peel and chop onion, soak the dried prawns, remove the stems from red chilies. Blend together the spice ingredients till it is well mixed and resembles a paste.

Then pan fry the paste in a pan or pot over medium heat. Fry till it becomes fragrant and the paste releases its oil. Then add the tomatoes cook till the tomatoes become soft. Add the partially cook chicken liver. Mix well. Finally just before turning off the heat add the chopped coriander to the curry.

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