Homemade salted eggs with brine

This is a blog post on homemade salted eggs with brine. Salted eggs are much on Asian ingredients in many recipes. In ancient times it is a method of preserving eggs longer. Now it’s used in many recipes. Of course, it is possible to be shop-bought ones. However, they do cost more than making yourself. Here is one of my recipes for using salted eggs as an ingredient it’s called salted egg custard bun. It is a classic Chinese recipe found in dim sum menu at restaurants. Salted eggs can simply be eaten just boiled with some rice. Of course, the egg white will be salty but the yolk is not. It’s the salted egg yolk that is used in many recipes from savory to sweet. Other examples of recipes using salted egg are fried squid, mooncakes, glutinous rice dumplings (zongzi), and nasi kerabu (Malay raw salad rice).

salted eggs
salted eggs seen in a Filipino recipe with grilled ribs and condiments

Salted eggs are made from duck eggs but it is possible to use chicken eggs if you can’t find one. Duck eggs are available to buy in the UK from major supermarkets. Here is a link to one of them. Then all it need is some salty brine made from salt and water. Leave it for 3 – 4 weeks and it’s done. It is simple as that.

Homemade salted eggs recipe

2 cups water

1/2 cup salt

6 duck eggs

Jar with lid enough to hold eggs and brine.

clean food bag


Homemade salted eggs
Duck eggs and curing jar

Prepare the brine. In a pan bring the salt and water to boil. Then let it cook down completely. Prepare the jar by rinsing it in boiling water. this is so as the clean it. Add the eggs. Once the brine is cool down completely pour it into the jar. Fill the food bad with some water. Add it on top of the floating eggs. This is so that the eggs are immersed with the brine completely. While the bag of water keeps the eggs submerge in the brine. Otherwise, it will float and some eggs will be partially soaking in the brine. Write a date on the lid or label.

Salted eggs

After 3 weeks crack or cook an egg to check. If it is not ready then leave for another week. Once they are ready take them off the brine. Store in the fridge or crack it open and store the yolks in freezer. It is the yolks that is use mostly in recipes/ cooking.

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