How to make Dosai Thosai from scratch

This is a blog post on how to make dosai / thosai from scratch at home. Dosai is actually a Southern India flat bread but has much been eaten in countries like Malaysia. This is due to a sizeable amount of Indians living there so it is easily available. It is easy to make the only tip on making this is the texture of the batter. This batter can also be cook steam and it becomes another bread called appam. This dish is vegan and gluten free.

The key ingredient in this recipe is urid dal. It is available to buy from Indian/ Asian shops and online as well. I find that online is more expensive due to its delivery charges.

how to make dosai/ thosai

Another tip on how to make dosai / thosai is the fermentation process. It is an important step don’t skip it’ Wait for longer if you have to. It allows natural yeast to form when cooking it forms little bubbles.

how to make dosai/ thosai
Thosai on frying pan

How to make dosai / thosai recipe

3 cup of rice

1 cup of urid dal

Measure out the ingredients then add water till it is soak thru and expands. Add more water till it covers the rice and dal. Let it ferment overnight in a warm place like next to a radiator in the kitchen. Fermentation is an important step.

The next day, once there are noticeable changes then blend the mixture in a blender. Blend till it is well broken down as much as possible. Add enough water to loosen it but not too much. As the mixture shouldn’t be too watery as it wouldn’t cook nicely into a thosai pancake/ flatbread.

Dosai pancake with bubbles on it from fermentation

Once it is blended as much as the blender allows, then the batter is ready to use for frying like a pancake. If the thosai is fermented enough it forms small bubbles on the pancake when cooking.

Thank you very much for reading and dropping by. do have a look at my other blog post like Kerala egg curry which goes well with thosai. Serve with sambar and with some chutney.

How to make Dosai pancake from scratch at home

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