How to make mugwort dumplings for Qing Ming festival

This is a blog post on how to make traditional Qing Ming mugwort dumplings. These dumplings are also known as Qingtuan (青团). These dumplings are cook during the Qing Ming festival. It is normal to happen around Easter time. The festival is celebrated and pays respects to the dead family ancestors. Families get together and eat these dumplings made for this occasion. It is also street food during the festive season. A great snack to bring while going out for tomb sweeping. It is a taste of spring. Here is more in-depth details about the Qing ming festival.

how to make mugwort dumplings
Mugwort dumpling

Wild leaves forage are used to make the green colour. Mugwort is also known as Wormwood starts to grow back after the cold winter season is used. It also gives a distinctive bitter favour to the dumpling. To get rid of this bitter taste is to blanch the mugwort in some boiling water for one minute. The saltiness and sweetness from the filling counteract the bitter flavour. Here are some tips on growing and harvesting mugwort at home.

This dumpling is best to eat when warm as the pastry hardens and dried up when kept in fridge.

How to make mugwort dumplings

Recipe to make Mugwort dumplings

100 grams Mugwort leaves

300 grams glutinous rice flour

80- 100!grams wheat starch

A little warm water for the dough

1 said the packet Ready-made pork floss

100 – 150 grams red bean or black sesame paste ready-made or home made

It is possible to make the filling ahead of time before making the mugwort of pastry.

Make the pastry by measuring out both flours in a mixing bowl. Then prepare the mugwort leaves. There are a few variations of how to prepare the mugwort leaves. I just blend them in a blender. To get rid of the bitterness taste is an acquired taste. Blanch the leaves in boiling water for one minute before blending them. It also will give a more vivid green color. Some recipes boil the leaves then crush them in a blender. Then slowly add the crushed mugwort leaves to the flour. Add extra water if needed till it forms a dough.

Then divide the dough, press out and add the filling. Steam in medium heat for about 15-20 minutes till the dough starts to become translucent. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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