Peach gum with longan and goji berry

This is a blog post on cooking peach gum with longan and goji berry. Peach gum is also known as peach resin, peach blossom is solidified resin from peach trees and Chinese wild peach trees. In Chinese, it is called as Tao jiao. As it is full of natural collagen that gives a nice young and beautiful-looking skin. Also, it is good for other medicinal purposes but it is mainly as give a nice youthful-looking skin. It is a plant occurring natural collagen alternative to a bird’s nest.

There are many ways to cook peach resin this recipe is just one of them. The peach resin/ gum itself is tasteless but it has got a nice tough jelly-like texture. it is also great to pair with snow fungus, double-boiled papaya, red dates, honey dates, or sago and milk. It is also great to cook or braises in soup with meat like pork ribs, pork belly, or chicken. It is possible to eat this every day as well.

Peach gum

Peach gum with dried longan and goji berry

The cost of peach gum varies depending on the quality it can range from £3/100grams to £10/100 grams. Sometimes it is available ready-packed with all other ingredients added. It just saves the need to buy anything else. It can be bought in some big Chinese supermarkets or online from independents sellers that sell dried Chinese herbs and sundries on Facebook groups. Buying online means choosing to go by people who review it may be good or not so great. For the first time purchase just buy small give it a try and see for yourself about their services.

peach gum

in the below recipe I added pang da hai 胖大海 Malva nut in which is optional adds a nice texture. However, it has got a nutty flavour which may not be of interest to some. This recipe is vegan friendly.


2 tbsp peach gum (soak for at least a few hours it will reduce the boiling time)

2 tbsp dried longan

Two tbsp of goji berry

5 dried malva nut (pang da hai 胖大海 Malva nut) expanded in water (optional)

500mls water

Add all the ingredients to a pot of boiling water and boil till the peach gum softens. Serve warm or cool.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other recipes like water bamboo stir fry and Ang ku kuih.

Peach gum, longan and goji berry recipe

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