Courgette/ Squash Blossom fritters

courgette/ squash blossom fritters

This is a blog post on how to cook courgette/ squash blossom fritters. Around this time of the year (June to August) courgette, squashes, zucchini and marrow produce flowers that are edible. These flowers / blossoms are sometimes produced in abundance particularly when the plants is established and matures. So there are lots around to … Read more

How to grow and harvest nasturtium

grow and harvest nasturtium

Here is a blog post on how to grow and harvest nasturtium. Nasturtium is easy to grow, edible peppery flowers. They are great to grow in the garden as they attract pollinators in the garden. This will in return pollinate vegetable flowers. Their peppery taste also makes them unappetising to slugs so good news. However, … Read more

Crystallised flowers

cyrstallising edible flowers

This blog is on making crystallised edible flowers. Awhile back I wrote a post on Using edible flowers . Recently I have learn how to sugar (crystallise) edible flowers. It is an old Victorian art and it takes sometime to perfect it. This is because different types of flowers behave differently. Making sugared edible flowers is … Read more