grow and harvest nasturtium

How to grow and harvest nasturtium

Here is a blog post on how to grow and harvest nasturtium. Nasturtium is easy to grow, edible peppery flowers. They are great to grow in the garden as they attract pollinators in the garden. This will in return pollinate vegetable flowers. Their peppery taste also makes them unappetising to slugs so good news. However, as they do take up some growing space in damp conditions I found that slugs love to hide in between them!!

grow and harvest nasturtium
nasturtium plant

There are many varieties of nasturtium producing different colour flowers. Once the nasturtium is established they grow prolific in a record in the right conditions. Right conditions are well-drained soil and sunny spot. It’s a self-seeding flower as well. Once the flowers go to seed come next year they will grow back by themselves.

grow and harvest nasturtium
nasturtium flowers

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How to grow and harvest nasturtium

Growing nasturtium is relatively easy. I have yet to see nasturtium plants in my local garden centres. Although I have seen them on eBay. The only option to have nasturtium is to sow from seeds. There are many places that sell nasturtium seeds eBay, Thompson & Morgan and Suttons. The good news is that they are easy to germinate. Once they germinate plant them out. Given some growing them as they grow prolific once established. As they grow fast and big one doesn’t need to sow many seeds. Not unless you have lots of space to let them grow.

They are great to grow in raised beds, hanging baskets and pots. As it is a climber plant, grown in pots it becomes drapes and covers nicely. They look great as ornamental plants in them. All they need to well drain manure compost and sunny spot. They are good to grow in borders or raised beds as ground cover.

Harvesting nasturtium

They start flowering about 6-8 weeks after sowing. Once the bright colours flowers appear they are ready to harvest. The nasturtium leaves are also edible. The leaves and flowers have a got a peppery taste on them. They are great to add salads and as a food decoration. For more information on how to use edible flowers here the link. On how to grow other types of edible flowers like borage here is the link.

growing and harvesting nasturtium

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