Natural assistants in fabric dyeing and printing

This blog post is about natural dyeing assistants in fabric dyeing and printing. It simply means that these assistants will aid the uptake of natural dyes onto the fabric. Natural dye’s assistant is not to confuse with mordants. As mordants are mainly to produce and stronger and brighter color. Mordants are also normally made from … Read more

Fabric dyeing with African marigold

fabric dyeing with African marigold

This blog post is about fabric dyeing with African marigolds flowers. Marigold flowers have been known to produce strong colors when dyed with fabric. Marigold also known as Tagetes are grown annually or perennial. Especially when fresh flowers are used to extract colors. Dried flowers also do work in my opinion the colors aren’t as … Read more

Fabric dyeing with Logwood.

fabric dyeing with logwood

This is a blog post on fabric dyeing with Logwood. Logwood produces violets, greys, and blacks. Logwood’s scientific name Haematoxylon compechianum comes from the heartwood of the logwood tree. Logwood tree is grown in the forest of Central America. It is cheap to buy from dye specialist supplies like Wingham wool work or George Weil … Read more