Fabric dyeing with Logwood.

fabric dyeing with logwood

This is a blog post on fabric dyeing with Logwood. Logwood produces violets, greys, and blacks. Logwood’s scientific name Haematoxylon compechianum comes from the heartwood of the logwood tree. Logwood tree is grown in the forest of Central America. It is cheap to buy from dye specialist supplies like Wingham wool work or George Weil … Read more

How to extract blue dye from Japanese Indigo

Here is a blog post on how to extract blue dye from Japanese Indigo. Recently I have been growing Japanese indigo at home. The purpose is just solely for fabric dyeing. Japanese indigo has been around for centuries. Japanese indigo is also known as Pesticaria tinctoria. I have previously been growing woad as well as … Read more

Fabric dyeing with turmeric

This blog post is about fabric dyeing with turmeric. Turmeric has got great potential to produce an incredibly strong yellow colour. Not just only good for you, eating wise. However, before I carry on I would say that this strong colour does not last forever. It is the same as other dyes like blackberry they … Read more