How to sew side seam pockets

This post is on how to sew side seam pockets. Side seam pocket is also known as inseam pockets. It is seen and used in my types of garment/ clothes making. Commonly seen in dresses, trousers, shorts and coats. Unlike like welt pockets which I have made previously this pocket is hidden away at the … Read more

Rhubarb crumble

This a blog post on how to make rhubarb crumble. It’s rhubarb harvest season what a great way to make a classic dessert out of it. An easy recipe to make it does not require many skills except a big appetite to eat!! It’s however quite rich with its the use of butter that creates … Read more

Sardine lemon chilli dip recipe on how to cook

Here is a recipe on a cooking sardine and lemon chilli dip sauce. Due it’s fishiness smell sardines aren’t everyone favourite. However, it’s available in abundance, cheap to buy and it’s so good for you as it’s high in Omega 3. This recipe uses a chilli lemon dip to counteract the fishy smell. The sardine … Read more