Pichi pichi ube

This is a blog post on how to make pichi pichi ube flavour. This is a classic Filipino sweet dessert which I love to make. I have previously made baked cassava cake and this is the steamed version of it. We also have the same version of this in Malaysia but it has lost a bit its popularity over the years.

It is quite starchy therefore it can fill you up quite quick. I have used freshly grated cassava for this recipe instead. I have used frozen cassava in my previous recipe. After having a look at the E numbers in the ingredient list I have decided to use fresh ones instead.

The good news about cassava is that it is gluten, nut and vegan free.

Preparing freshly grated cassava.

Freshly grated cassava need to be prepared before using it. The skin is quite tough and it needs to be peeled first. Then the white flesh needs to be grated before cooking.

Recipe for Pichi Pichi ube

2 cups (500 grms) freshly grated cassava

1 cup (200 grms) caster sugar

1 and half cup of water or evaporated milk

some ube colouring a few drops or any food colouring

6-12 small muffin cases (the smaller they are it’s quicker to cook)

For coating

1 cup desiccated coconut (rehydrated) or freshly grated coconut


Mix all the pichi pichi ube batter ingredients together till it is well mixed.

Put them in small muffin cases and steam in a steamer till it turns into a transparent colour. it will take about 20 minutes but it depends on the size of the muffin cases.

While it’s still hot roll them on the rehydrated desiccated coconut or fresh coconut. If they too big in size divide them smaller portions while it’s still hot and roll them into balls. I find that Pichi Pichi can get quite filling therefore small size portions are much better to eat. There are great as a sweet snack with a cup of English tea. Enjoy.

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