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Making fish balls at home

This is a blog post on how to make fish balls at home from scratch. I love eating hotpot in the winter and I buy lots shop bought fish balls. They are ready-made and available to buy from most Asian and Chinese grocers. I must admit they are not the healthiest of all options. This is due to the quality of fish meat used and the processing. Who knows what is actually in them?

Homemade might be a better option but the quality of the fish is very important. Always try and use the freshest the possible. I will try later to hack to make vegan or mock fish balls. But in the meantime, this fish ball is made from kingfish. I use Kingfish as it’s less fishy aftertaste compared to mackerel. It is more expensive in the UK as it is imported from abroad. One has to use oily fish as it the fish texture creates a nice bouncy texture.

home made fish balls
Steamed homemade fish balls

Fish balls are great to eat in a hot pot, stir-fried, on its own, and add to noodle soup. Freshly made fish balls can be eaten just steamed.

Making fish balls at home.

One can easily make this by separating the fish meat from the skin and bones of the fish. This is done by filleting the fish right across and ends up looking like the fish fillets sold in supermarkets. Then add cornstarch and chopped the fish meat till becomes a paste-like bouncy texture. Some recipes do add arrowroot starch but it’s not important. the quality of the fish is important. Once it is done shape it into balls steam or deep fry/ boil to cook the fish balls.

Thank you for reading and dropping by. Do have a look at my other recipes like curry noodles and making the fish cake.

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