Making hidden vertical pins visible on pinterest share

Yes sounds easy does it? ‘Making hidden vertical pins visible on Pinterest share. All I can say it took me nearly 2 days to make sure that all of the hidden vertical pins that I have created is visible on Pinterest share.

Hidden vertical pins.

I have recently created a post on hiding vertical pins on Pinterest. Here is the post Hiding Pinterest images Got all excited about it as suddenly with this code my image is stored away in the blog.

I started editing some of my old blog posts only to find that some of my hidden vertical pins are visible on the Pinterest share button. The whole idea is to hide the images and for it to show up in Pinterest shares right?!! what happen ?!! grr!!

sugared edible flowers
hidden pins visible on share button
How to make hidden images visible on share button

Google search was undertaken with no perfect answers. Next morning after a night of sleeping on it. Why don’t I put the blog URL on the picture, nope still not working? After a few hard thinking, the fact that some blogs were showing the hidden images and some weren’t. So it can’t be an external error.

hidden pinterest images
See what i mean the pin I put on it is not visible on pinterest share button

Initially, I couldn’t even share any of the hidden pins on Jetpack social media just wouldn’t show up. Then I use Shareaholic (it’s a free plugin)  it seems to pick up the hidden vertical pins and pictures on the blog. However, some the blogs were still showing no hidden pinterest vertical pins?!! Not unless it was visible and a share pin button is put on the image directly. Grr!!

Then I had a brainwave and yes this time it work woohoo!! happy days. When you have bigger images than your pinterest images then the share buttons overrides the smaller images. Trust me, the days wasted just trying to solve this probelm ?!!

Initially, when I first started putting Pinterest vertical pins on my blog the images were made smaller by automatically to a size like 200X300 pixels. Some of the images on the blog were 1000×700 pixels, some competition there. Downsize the blog image and upsize the vertical pins. done!! Happy days xxx so if something is not working always check around be it image sizes or urls….

how to make pins visible on share button
making pin visible on pinterest share

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