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Hiding pinterest pins in blogs it is quite easily done if it is done properly. Why hide your pins? Do you need to hide your pins? Oh yes you do. Just have a look at the top pinners. Just click on their ‘Pin it’ button. Here is an example Think Creative Collective blog Lots of pins hidden as you can see. I am just an amateur compare to them!!

The purpose of hiding your pins is that so that your blog less clutter especially pinterest size pins. This is because there are very big in size and do take up lots of room on the blog. It also means blog posts take a long time to load especially on the mobile web version. So big size images don’t even get loaded up on mobile version. Not so much on the desk top version.

It is fairly easy to hide images in a blog post. First of all create your vertical pin. I use Canva and they are quite easy to use. Creating vertical Pinterest pinsI have created one here in which I have added in ‘add media’.

hiding vertical pins

As you can see it on visual mode. Now switch it to Text mode (The button next to it on the right hand corner).

Type in the following

<div style=”display: none;”>

do not put spaces in style=”display as it can end up with style=””display then it will not work. Always check that you have type in this code correctly.

now put the following at the end of the images


I am going to put a different image again below

hiding vertical pinshiding pinterest pins

As you can see both images are visible on preview post. It is also visible on ‘visual’ mode as well.

Next I am going to type the code in the second image. You have do it in ‘Text’ mode right hand button on the top corner next to ‘Visual’ in wordpress.org. If you have put the code right on visual mode the image is not there at all on ‘Preview’ and ‘Visual’ mode.

There you are done. I found that putting the code in is easy.

Sometimes you have to do it twice as you have in front of actual image code <img class =……. Furthermore don’t leave a space between ‘style=’ and ‘”display’. Like this style= “display as you might end an error like this ‘style=””display’. If it is not working always check again in ‘Text’ mode or click on the pinterest share button. It should look like below. Just one vertical pin on the blog and two vertical pins upon clicking the pinterest button.

However, hiding images is not good for google analytics. Especially if there no description at all for the hidden pin. google search console on images it needs to have information, not just img 001 for example. Even if you opt not to do the below just put the information on the pictures (alt, description) before uploading it onto your blog.

For all pin images I use pinterest recommended practice Pinterest 5 tips making sharing from your blog better with all information on your hidden image. When someone pins from the blog all the information is there.

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