Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Photography the advantages of using DSLR vs. smartphone

After much debating and justifying to myself I bought a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera recently. With new technologies available on DSLR camera it just makes life so much easier for me. Compared to the old days where I am mostly depending on my smartphone (it’s an iphone SE). Comparing with an old digital snap and point camera using a DSLR camera is heaven. I have also owned a SLR camera in my young days so I have also love playing around with images when times permits. This blog post is about the advantages of using DSLR vs. smartphone.

After having a DSLR camera my smartphone has now has got much more memory space. As most of the pictures I took is stored on the camera instead. The picture below are taken on my blog post on Growing and harvesting amaranth

amaranth taken by iphone SE Amaranth taken by DSLR

I bought a mid range Nikon camera D5600 as I wanted it to be a camera than I can do vlogs (youtube videos) as well in the near future. With the flip screen one can view what is going on from the other side on the camera while making videos. I have to try it so far but I hope to someday. The camera cost me about £639 in a John Lewis & Partners store and it comes with a 2 year warranty instaed of a one year warranty. John Lewis is a big chain of departmental stores based in the UK. They ship outside the UK as well. I did not something from Amazon or any online stores as I wanted to buy it from a store instead as I need to have a feel for the item before I buy one.

nikon d5600

There are plenty of other types and brands of DSLR camera around in the market so do have a look around. I love Nikon brand as my friend an avid photographer uses on the higher end range of Nikon DSLR camera. Like others he does use his phone to take pictures as well. Don’t we all. As we always have our phone on us all the time.

Snapbridge wireless connection

On the current DSLR on the market most come with an app where you just download your pictures directly from your camera to your phone. This is luxury if one is use to using good old USB cables to transfer your pictures from your camera to your laptop then onto your phone.

I only can speak about my personal experience with Snapbridge as it’s the only app and DSLR camera I ever had. Wireless and bluetooth transfer just happens with a tap on the smartphone. Rather than having to go your smartphone’s wifi connection setting and look for your camera. The snapbridge app just does it automatically for you.

picture taken using iphone se picture taken using dslr

Clearer and brighter pictures

There is no doubt with using something that it is dedicated to taking pictures is much better than using a phone. This is because a smart phone which has multi uses compared to camera. It is definitely much clearer although it’s much more bulky and heavy (it weighs about 600grms) to carry around. However most of blogging picture taking just revolves me going to the garden and staying indoors. Above is a comparison of the two pictures.

Nowadays, I use a combination of DSLR camera and my smartphone to take pictures. As I tend to forget to bring my DSLR camera when I am going out. Yes, life is hectic with a family to manage at the same time. I use the free app called Snapseed to enhance and brighten my photos further. Both from DSLR and smartphone pictures it works like magic.

There are also plenty of good and newer smartphone than the one I got. There is no doubt about that. However, there the cost of that very new and lastest smartphone which one needs to consider. The options I leave up to you. These are just my own personal experiences.

using dslr vs. smartphone

taking pictures using dslr vs. smart phone

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