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How to sew french seam

how to sew french seamRecently I did a blog post on sewing with sheer fabric. Sewing with sheer fabricsI ended up sewing a blouse as a result and I used french seams in most places of the blouse. As a result the sheer, light and delicate fabric seems much stronger?!!

I didn’t quite believe it till I started sewing. It is quite easily done. It’s like sewing ordinary seams but put the right sides together instead. In a sheer fabric it is not a problem as the tracing marks is visible on the right side.

French seam is often used when the fabric is too delicate to overlock with an overlocking machine. This is because is will cause the fabric to unravel as you sew it with an overlocker. As a result it provides a professional look inside a finished garment such concealing edges that are pinked. It is agreat seam to use in sheer, light weight and delicate fabrics.

Steps on how to sew french seam

Sew them like you would do with an ordinary seam. Then press it nicely together. Trim very close to the edge like 2 mms as you don’t want to see frayed fabric poking out when it’s finished.

Then turn the fabric on wrong side and iron the seams at folded stitch. A lot of precision is needed for this as the fabric does tend to curve different directions. Especially at corners. Then sew close to the edge as you can. Give a good press.

Have a look on the right side make sure no whiskers (frayed fabric are poking out. Some recommend using a electric razor to get rid I don’t have one so never tried. This is how in french seam looks inside of a sheer, delicate silk organza fabric blouse. So do go on, do give it a try. It it isn’t as scary as it looks once you master a few tips on sewing with sheer fabrics. French seams is one of the techniques on sewing with sheer fabrics especially with light, delicate and sheer fabrics like silk organza.

Update, I have recently go another piece of silk organza fabric from ebay so will post more work once I have completed it. Sewing dresses in silk organza bring it on!! I have just seen a fantastic looking silk organza dress by designer Dolce & Gabanna will try to replicate it.

french seam inside chiffon blouse

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