Patisserie in Paris Farine&O

Patisserie Paris Farine&O a review

This blog post is about a patisserie Paris called Farine&O. I wanted to write a list of places of patisseries in Paris but in the end, I didn’t get around the visit except for this one. Finding a great patisserie in Paris is easy enough nowadays with the help of google. Of course one would like to read a review about it and here it is. Nothing is good until you try it. I made this try as part of my visit to premiere vision a textile trade fair. Here is my write up about it.

Patisserie Paris Farine&O

Just type in ‘patisserie in Paris’ and Farine & O comes out a few times of having great review. It is a great place to go if you are staying near Gare de Lyon train station. it is located in the 11th Arr. It’s open from 0730 – 2030. The exact location in 153, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 7501 Paris. When I went there it was around 9am in the morning. The place wasn’t busy and the lady spoke good English. All I need to do is to point out which one you would like and there you are. Price-wise it wasn’t the cheapest but it depends on what you order.

Patisserie in Paris Farine&O

Pastry tastes lovely and great. I order the puff pastry with pistachio filling in it and it tasted heavenly light and flaky.

Brioche by Farine&O

I also bought the brioche bun with raspberry filling and it is another winner as the raspberry filling just adds another taste dimension.

Farine&O tarts

As it’s my only last trip till next time in Paris. I bought an assortment of tarts. They have their own individual tastes all very good. They also sell bread of course, plus baguette. A chocolate baguette caught my eye and I added that to my order and it is also very good. Lovely chocolatey and not too sweet. Here is a link to their facebook page.

Chocolate baguette Farine&O

Thank you for dropping by. Do have a look at my other blog post like how to make chocolate mousse.

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