how to sew boucle fabric

How to sew boucle fabric at home

This is a blog post on how to sew boucle fabric. Boucle fabric is basically loose weave fabric that sometimes do come in different textures and different of weave (tightly or loosely woven). It is indeed a lovely fabric with different coloured threads weaves together in all sorts of style. I have recently got hold of some Chanel past season boucle fabric online and all excited of getting hold of them. Here is a link on where I buy fabrics online. Now what about sewing…? Below I on this blog I will write about how I sew with boucle fabric.

how to sew boucle fabric

How to sew boucle fabric

To sew one can use ordinary sewing foot or roller foot. Roller foot is use to sew thick heavy knits or textured fabric. In this case boucle fabric. Roller foot can also be used to sew leather or vinyl.

It is possible to use ordinary polyester or all-purpose sewing thread. Sewing stitch about 2mm. sewing needle universal sewing needle will do.

How to sew boucle fabric

While this all seems quite simple as boucle fabric tends to much more loosely woven compared to silk or cotton fabric therefore it tends to fray easily. Much much more easily than ordinary woven fabrics. Always keep this in mind when sewing boucle fabric.

In my experience, I overlock every end of the fabric as much as I can. This so as to prevent the fabric from fraying. Even so, do handle with care. A tug of the fabric it might come apart.

neck edging
neck edging on boucle fabric

Therefore do reinforce joints of fabric like necklines with a zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric/ seam from coming apart. Do pay attention to places where force is put on. This will come with experience as well. Do you sometimes find after a few wear and tear of your home-sewn garment some areas come apart easily? This is just one of them, with boucle fabric it comes apart even quicker. I found it on the neckline and shoulder seam in jacket that I have just sewn.

 boucle fabric jacket
jacket is sewn with boucle fabric

I have also made loose-fitting trousers so far no problems. However, I do find that the looser the weave it tends to get caught in nook and corners of the sewing machine.

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