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Save money skiing Italy – learn how to

Here is a blog on how save money skiing in Italy. We have been travelling in Italy a few weeks back it’s a lovely country to travel but it’s cheap to travel and to live there. I am based in London and found it that it is not that reasonable to travel/ live/ even to ski there.

However there are tips on places to shop and stay so that you can stretch your money. After all who want to do that? Not unless it is going to be just a trip of once and a lifetime. In my opinion it’s good to save while enjoy going to places as well.

I will highlight mostly on where I have been. This travel tips it’s also or may be applicable to other countries as well.

save money skiing Italy
ski resort Menaggio, Limone Piemonte Italy

Tips and hints on how save money skiing in Italy

We found that while  we can’t save on ski passes (it’s cheaper to buy after 11 am as well) and ski hire we can save money on food and accommodation.

  1. Go Airbnb

In the recent years Airbnb has been sprouting almost every where you want to go to. We wanted to go skiing in Limone Piemonte. It’s french and British half term. It’s our first year of our little one in school. Now we are learning the cost to school holidays time travel.

At nearer to school holidays time most hotels and B&b were taken up on so was trivago as website that searches the cheapest deal around.

In the end I Airbnb it and it was great as it meant I got a self catering place as well. Being in touristy spots also means eating at tourist prices with standard tourist menu.

skiing Menaggio slope

  1. Shopping in supermarket.

Yup shopping in supermarket is another way to cut cost of travelling. While it’s nice to eat in restaurants. Meals in ski resorts for a simple basic lunch cost easily 30 euros/ family of 3. While it may not seem much to some it soon mounts up if one eats out all the time. Another great idea is to go full board but not many places do provide that package.

ski resort Limone

Supermarkets also have a different prices compare to one in the middle of ski resort compare to a out of place supermarket. so if you are travelling from a destination that is less touristy do keep that in mind.

  1. Go self catering

Having a kitchen helps as one can make some healthy meals on the go like salad and sandwiches.

Most Airbnb and self catering places do not provide any washing machine to do your laundry and neither there is any cleaning service at all during your stay. Something to keep in mind.

Finding a place out of the way will also cut cost to your travels as normally places that are out of the way are much cheaper compare to somewhere say near ski lifts. However, it also means that you will have to have either good and regular public transport services or a car.

save money skiing in Italy
How to save money travelling in italy

Limone Piemonte review

So lots to think of in order to order to save money travelling in Italy. Limone Piemonte is a lovely ski resort easy to get to by train from Nice Airport. Services are great at the lifts, people are warm and friendly there. I have not personally been there in the summer. However, I have been told it’s quite nice there in summer. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm while we were there. Just as you imagine in a ski resort. Sun decks out, family friendly places to ski.

These are all written in my honest own opinions and experiences. I was travelling with my young family therefore it may different if you are a single traveller or travelling with a group of friends. It may not reflect others experience about the place and travels.

I have written about other places to travel or day outs in London with family. Here is one of them London Transport museum.

how to save  money skiing in Italy

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