Tayberry growing and harvesting

During the summer time, I had harvested some tayberry in my garden back in London. This post is on tayberry growing and harvesting at home. Tayberry is an unusual berry that is not seen in shops or supermarkets. However, the young shoots or plants are sold in supermarkets and garden centres in March or April.

Tyaberry is a hybrid combination of a raspberry and blackberry plant. It’s origins in the Uk named after a river Tay in Scotland. It taste a cross between the two fruit raspberry and blackberry.

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Growing and harvesting tayberry

To grow tayberry like raspberry you will need o get hold of young shoots or rooted cuttings sold in supermarket or shops. You will find these sitting together with other types of shrubs like blackberry, raspberry and gooseberry. so if you can find one of them you will find the others.

Tayberry most commonly come with thorns and they are full of it. However, it is possible to find varieties that are thornless. For the ease of growing and harvesting them. Here is one variety that is thorn free ‘Buckingham’ which is available to buy online.

tayberry growing and harvesting

It take about a year and half to 2 years for these young plants to start to produce fruit. It’s winter hardy, prefers full sun position and well drain organic manure soil.

Tayberry are relatively disease and trouble free to grow. Give room to climb and grow.


Come early summer and late spring it will start fruiting. Once the fruit is ripen by turning red it comes off easily. In the first year it will not yield much fruit give the next year it will be much more once the plant is more establish.

growing and harvesting tayberry

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