Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Maker of clothes, recipes, natural fabric dyeing, Gardener of veg, fruit and flowers.

Tagetes minuta dyeing

Who would have thought that this weed Tagetes minuta easily grown in the UK makes a good dye. It has grown so high and so much that I don’t know what do with it initially. It has got a strong mint smell as one walks past. I have to yet to decide on what recipes I can make the best of this herb. However, I found out just recently they make good dye yay!!

tagates minuta dyeing

I quite like fabric dyeing at the moment a bit like cooking similiar but different in many ways.

I have chop down the tagetes minuta leaves that are quite old and not longer can be eaten to use as dyes. Then I blend them in my kitchen blender. After all it’s an edible item right? Once it’s blend I wasn’t too sure if I should heat it up anyway I did and it turn to greenish yellow hue. I add a bit vinegar and the yellow colour becomes much stronger.

I add the mordant dye fibre protein and cellulose in the dye mixture and let them out to dry overnight. It’s nearly 2 degrees at night here at the moment so it will a few days to dry out. At the moment I am quite please with the yellow vibrant colours even with none mordant protein and cellulose fibres the colours are just as vibrant. Maybe I didn’t add enough alum to the mordant pot. The pattern on the cloth is from the tie dye simple shibori method using rubber bands.

So I will be trying to dye as much using tagetes minuta till the plant dies off from frost. Or just dry the leaves as much as I can so I have a regular supply of tagetes minute for the dye pot. It is a great and easy plant to grow in one’s garden. As it also acts as natural pesticide against neighbouring crops.

tagetes minuta fabric dyeing

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