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How to sew with sheer (chiffon) fabrics

I have recently decided to make a blouse using chiffon fabric. Dressmaking with sheer silk chiffon fabric is not easy at all. It is not difficult once one get the hang of it. Therefore this post is about how to sew chiffon (sheer) fabrics.

There are many of different types of sheer fabrics. Some are use for interiors which tend to be more stiff and thicker. And some are also use for sewing which are thick as well as it gives more body or structure to the garment.  I am focusing on how to sew chiffon (silk) as it’s much harder to handle compare to stiff sheer fabric. Polyester made chiffon (sheer) are much stiffer and cheaper in comparison.

In the past I have not made much items using soft sheer silk chiffon fabric. I just love the look of the lovely transparent blouses though. Who can resist making one at home? Anyway let’s get to the point of how to sew chiffon fabrics.

Pre shrink

I have pre shrink the fabric by soaking it in cold tap water. This to ensure that the silk chiffon fabric don’t shrink anymore or to test if they do shrink at all.

Cutting out

I have cut out the pattern it is not easy as the fabric slipper. At the moment I am using just ordinary dressmaking sheers. One could use special cutters that comes with a cutting mat and special blade a bit like fabric transfer rollers. This is so to reduce the amount of movement on the fabric.

Transferring the pattern onto the fabric

I didn’t have major issue with transferring the pattern onto the fabric using a carbon paper and tracing wheel. However, do double check after transferring as there might be movement. This will affect the fit and construction of the garment.

Using a thin sewing machine needle

Yes, that is quite important as I have learn my lesson the hard way. I am one of those whom don’t wish to buy anything thing not unless I have to. As this item is most likely to be used once and be left in a dark corner forgotten. I used a ordinary standard sewing needle 130/ 705 and it didn’t work. The fabric just starting to bunch up or the tiny threads started to pull. This is because a thick needle is going thru a tight weave and starts making a hole instead of sliding thru.

Seams for sheer fabric

I am planing to use french seam. It is not that easy to get hang of it. I am going to combine a few other types to seam the blouse.

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