Mono print on screen

At the moment I am still my niche of what I like to make or do with textiles. There is just so many to choose from!! Weaving, spinning wool, knitting, embriordery and so on. I have just recently done a direct mono print onto habotai silk. The results are pretty amazing however the images are blurred as I pulled the squeegee on the screen a few far too many times. I was trying to get as much colours as possible on the fabric. I used procion MX dyes as they are easy to use and give strong colours. I have thought of using natural, organic dyes but they don’t give strong colours as the synthetic ones do. I have used natural dyes in the past. Now thinking of making something out of it.
It is no where near compare to lovely design designer quality bought ones that I own and still buy them nowadays. What they say you got to start off from somewhere….

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