img_1434 Corn in their huskimg_1433 another corn plant with green foliage and ripen corn still in husk

It’s now end of July I have growing some corn plants from seed since April. They have grown huge but get any corn out of them is a challenge in temperate climate like London.

I have just had a look a my corn plants as some look rather brown and reddish colour. I have done a few searches apparently they were due to not enough watering, too much direct sunlight or not the right soil. I am growing them by the fence on the borders.

I am growing Fiesta and Mirrai Picnic F1 corn variety in the garden. I have harvested them today, one look poorly/unripe, two look unripe and one looking all right. One of the corn fiesta make very instagram and pinterest worthy picture and that’s it ?!! lol This is very unlike my courgette Growing Courgette and tomato plants Tomato harvest today

Last year I had no ripen as they tend to take long time to ripen in London’s climate. Hopefully it will be better luck for me next year. I might have start growing them indoors till the risk of frost is over.

Corn plant which foliage that turned reddish brown in colour

growing harvesting corn

grow harvest corn
growing and harvesting corn

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